Perfectly Generic Wiki

'It really do be like that sometimes'

The official wiki of the Pgenpod Network. Its flagship show, the Perfectly Generic Podcast, is a podcast about Homestuck and the culture and related stories surrounding this groundbreaking work of independent media.

On the pages of this wiki you'll be able to, eventually, find full transcripts of each of the podcast episodes to be read while listening, as well as more condensed scripts for ease of comprehension. Also included is relevant information about guests, the various pieces of music included in the show, and external links to the MSPA wiki and other sources.


Perfectly Generic Podcast[]

A weekly podcast about Homestuck, Hiveswap, and related independent media featuring Kate Mitchell and a rotating panel of guests. Find a list of episodes and panelists here, as well as full transcripts of more than 35 episodes.


A bonus show available to Pgenpod patrons featuring more discussions about Homestuck, interactive fiction, music, interviews with patrons, and looser 'after-dark' episodes. Find a list of episodes and panelists here.


An podcast delving into the history, the fanscene, and the general phenomenon of Toby Fox’s UNDERTALE. Find a list of episodes here.

The Audible Axis[]

A podcast about Terezi and Vriska, and their relationship. Find a list of episodes here.

I Hate It Here[]

A real-world advice show for the terminally online. Find a list of episodes here.

All The Devils[]

Interviews about making art. Find a list of episodes and guests here.

The Undercut[]

New perspectives on motorsport. Kate Mitchell and guests look at the history, excitement, and groundbreaking figures in racing. Find a list of episodes and panelists here.

Pgenpod Tonite[]

A weekly live news show. New episodes air on the Pgenpod twitch channel on Fridays at 6 PM Pacific Time.

Other Projects[]

In addition to its podcasts, the Pgenpod Network hosts a variety of other projects.

Homestuck Community Survey[]

The Homestuck Community Survey is an annual survey, first conducted in 2019, of the Homestuck community.

Pgenpod News[]

Pgenpod News is a division of the Pgenpod Network concerned with "irl" news coverage.

Pgenpod Tonite[]

Pgenpod Tonite is a weekly series of livestreams devoted to music, discussion, interviews, and community with the Pgenpod panel.