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Episode 10: The Dark Souls of WebcomicsEpisode 11: Deltarune & the Material Dialectic of Clown PitsEpisode 12: The Unbearable Lightness of Being Dirk
Episode 13: TH3 T3R3Z1 3P1SOD3Episode 14: Clownery & Its DiscontentsEpisode 15: Engage Trickster Mode
Episode 16: FRIENDSHIPEpisode 17: Race & RacismEpisode 18: Best of 2018 (So It's Come To This: A Perfectly Generic Clip Show)
Episode 19: SkaianetEpisode 1: Hiveswap and Hiveswap AccessoriesEpisode 20: Four Girls & Zebruh
Episode 21: Karkat Lives In A SocietyEpisode 22: The Three Ts of Troll BiologyEpisode 23: Darling Kanaya
Episode 24: Roxy Is Dummy SmartEpisode 25: The Ballet of the DancestorsEpisode 26: Gadzooks, Pt. 1
Episode 27: Gadzooks, Pt. 2Episode 28: Honking is the Pinnacle of LiteratureEpisode 29: How To Recommend Homestuck to People Who Are Nominally Healthy
Episode 2: Vast ErrorEpisode 30: Pgenpod Live, Pt. 1 - HomestuckEpisode 31: Pgenpod Live, Pt. 2 - Vast Error
Episode 32: Je Suis Les8ifinsEpisode 33: Relevance, Truth, and EssentialityEpisode 34: Hot Takes on the Homestuck Epilogues
Episode 35: EgberticlesEpisode 36: I Am Ascending, and It Is TerribleEpisode 37: Dirk F***ing Strider
Episode 38: None Gender With Left BeefEpisode 39: An English Paper in Vriska QuirkEpisode 3: The Girls of Paradox Space
Episode 40: Eleven Million Words of Homestuck FicEpisode 41: I Was The Story BoyEpisode 42: Life, the Universe, and Lesbians
Episode 43: Snowbound Blood: A Vast Error StoryEpisode 44: You Were In The Fanfiction Splash Zone, Okay?Episode 45: Ghost Butts
Episode 46: The Dave of GuyEpisode 47: Homestuck Isn't FairEpisode 48: Sometimes Love Just Isn't Enough
Episode 49: Live in Renton - Evil WomenEpisode 4: The Calliope EpisodeEpisode 50: The Ultimate Podcast
Episode 51: The Power of an Open QuestionEpisode 52: Semiotics, Bridges, and Off-RampsEpisode 53: Canon and the Future
Episode 54: The Lady, or the Tiger?Episode 55: The Monster at the End of this ComicEpisode 56: House of Yaoi Boys
Episode 57: Piles & Piles of Grey PeopleEpisode 58: The Most Ambitious Crossover Event in HistoryEpisode 59: Homestuck is a Society
Episode 5: THE CALIBORN EPISODE.Episode 60: Lesbians Only Want One Thing and it's DisgustingEpisode 61: Homestuck^2 Live in Chapel Hill
Episode 62: Can We Get Gerard Way to Write Vast Error?Episode 63: June Egbert RealEpisode 64: Scourge Sisters
Episode 65: The James & Aysha Power HourEpisode 66: An 8000 Page Gender Studies CourseEpisode 67: Live in Staten Island
Episode 68: Are You Happy?Episode 69: ♋️Episode 6: The Fandom and Peak Homestuck
Episode 70: Friendship & FraudEpisode 71: SadstuckEpisode 72: Lyricstuck 101
Episode 73: Shrek WeekEpisode 74: Assigned FishgenderEpisode 75: Someone PLEASE Throw This Dog A Bone
Episode 76: We've Got Those Crockertier BluesEpisode 77: The Communists We Became Along The WayEpisode 7: The One with James Roach
Episode 8: Vriska (Vriska)Episode 9: ♥︎♦︎♠︎♣︎Goomy
I Hate It HereIntermissionIntermission 10/Bonus 3: Puss In Heels
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