Cro, Kate Mitchell and Aysha U. Farah talk Homestuck^2, Pesterquest, radical canon anarchy, and a cloaked child prophet in front of a great crowd at The Pit in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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Announcer: [Unintelligible] Kate Mitchell, Aysha U Farah and our new host Cro!

Aysha: How's it hanging everybody?

Cro: Alright. I think we know how some of this goes. So we're just going to take it pretty casual. Alright. The Perfectly Generic Podcast contains spoilers, occasional adult language, and Cronus. All right, so you know, you know who I am, hopefully at this point. You happen to have also some two extras over here. If you guys want to come by. Let's see. Let's give it up for Aysha U. Farah and Kate Mitchell. [Audience cheering].

Aysha: So we have two mics and three people, so it's going to be to be fine.

Kate: I don't need a mic, my voice projects.

Aysha: Yeah, that's fine. You don't need a mic.

Cro: Yeah, we got this.

Aysha: This beer is empty.

Cro: I'm like the only one not drinking here today, but let's see what's going to happen afterwards. Yeah, that's fine. All right, so everyone's here. Welcome to the show. We are really, yeah, there's a lot of people here and it's like we expected it, but also, [unintelligible] Yeah, thank you for coming. It's a real pleasure to see everyone here for Homestuck and Homestuck material. 

Aysha: And Homestuck 2. That sounds real fucked up. So when I say it,

Kate: Err actually, it's, it's Homestuck squared.

Aysha: Okay thank you Reply Guy. The reply guy in my mentions.

Cro: Yeah. Once we get the trilogy, you'll just be like Homestuck cubed. Yeah.

Aysha: Oh God.

Cro: Yeah, we're prepared for it.

Aysha: Electric Boogaloo.

Cro: Yeah. 10, 10 years from now. Another 10 years!

Kate: So it's a pretty light week, so we don't have anything to talk about really.

Aysha: This week in Homestuck.

Kate: Yeah. This week in Homestuck. Not a lot how are you guys doing? No. So we did a thing. We did several things actually. So obviously the most important thing that happened this week was the teaser for the Vriska Pesterquest route,

Aysha: Which was completely uncontroversial and nobody sent me weird, weird comments about it at all because everybody knows how act online.

Kate: Yeah, absolutely. When I think about online, the thing that I think about is how reasonable everybody acts at all times. Especially about Homestuck and especially about teenage girls. Yeah.

Aysha: But just the guy who was having like a casual meltdown in my mentions about people calling for Vriska trans was just like, he was, that guy had a bad day. My heart goes out to. [crosstalk]

Kate: The Dark Knight of the soul. Look. It's very, I understand. It's very hard to be cis, I've been accused of cisphobia before and. You know, I, look, I, I do, I take criticism very seriously. And then I, I internalize it and I, and I don't do anything differently in the future. No, no, I take criticism very difficult, you know, so I, I went to the mirror and I thought, okay, let's, let's, let's think about this from a cis perspective. It must be, and, and then I decided that, you know, I really didn't like Homestuck anymore and it was way better before act six. When the characters in it talk about their feelings and all the SJWs have taken over Homestuck and ruined it. So now it's my objective.

Aysha: [Whispered] Where are the SJWs?

Kate: Now it's my objective to make Homestuck straight again. Because, you know I think that Andrew has been a little too nice. You know, giving out candy, granting wishes and somebody has to be the villain.

Aysha: Yeah, that's true.

Kate: And obviously I think I'm suited for that role.

Aysha: As we learned from Dirk Strider, there needs to be a villain. As we learned the new Dirk every—

Cro: Ladies and Gentlemen!

Kate: I'm an honorary Strider.

Audience Member: Why are you clapping?

Kate: Why are you clapping? You should be immediately rushing the stage and trying to behead me.

Aysha: Why are you clapping. I'm wrong.

Kate: No. so the Pesterquest is awesome, but I wanted to talk about it in a little bit. But first off, I did want to talk about the Homestuck Squared Beyond Canon or Homestuck 2, if you're a Plebeian and so a few months ago Andrew Hussie sent me an outline that you had already seen of completely unhinged plots. It was about a 45-page Google doc of informally written plot. And I thought, well, this is awful.

Aysha: Um I mean, he sent it to me like before the epilogues came out and he was like, so this is like the follow-up to the epilogues, do you want to write it? And I was reading it and I was like, [sighing] Oh...

Kate: Not really?

Aysha: [Hesitant] Yeah? Yeah. Yes. And then he was like, Oh, I pitched it to Viz and they were like, mm so, uh don't know if that's going to happen. And then the epilogues happened and we still didn't know if it was going to happen and then, but it happened.

Kate: And you know, it ended up— you know, Viz ended up biting. But

Aysha: Yeah, basically Viz were like, Oh, it sounds great. We don't want to pay for it.

Kate: Yeah. Which, totally fair. So we, so, so we got a team together of incredibly talented people. And you know, it's not just the two of us, even though we're, we, we love the attention and love the camera.

Aysha: With a very, a specific set of skills.

Kate: Yeah. It was a very specific set of skills and we tore the thing up. And, you know, made it better perhaps or worse. I don't know. It depends. We certainly made it different. But you know, we thought obviously that maybe Andrew shouldn't just post things online by himself anymore. 

Aysha: We grabbed his keyboard and we're like, no more posting.

Kate: Yeah. We, you know, yeah.

Aysha: You can only be an e-boy.

Kate: He can be an e-boy. He can, he can grant wishes all he wants. But the, the posting unaccompanied, he's on probation from that for a little while. I think. Justifiably I don't know. Cro. What's [sigh]

Cro: I am just one of the audience members.

Kate: No, you're not. You're the host of the show. You've got to take control. I'm rambling. I'm ruining the show.

Cro: Nah, nah, it's fine. I'm, this is interesting to just to hear about because obviously, I, I've only been in the fandom from maybe 2015 and so I kinda caught some of the later bits of like update culture, just a little bit of a taste and then act seven happened. And obviously I've been here since, so the idea of Homestuck two happening and then also being able to experience that update culture in a way is a really interesting perspective to take from someone who was kind of in a way there after everything happened. So I'm wondering how this is going to go just with the current now of the community and stuff like that.

Kate: Yeah, I don't know either.

Aysha: Um update culture in 2019 is like, well, I dunno, I mean Homestuck ended and then Trump got elected and it was like, are these things related? I know, I know that correlation does not imply causation, but I felt like we, I felt like the timeline was off the rails.

Kate: I mean, I'll, as soon as Pesterquest released the impeachment inquiry started.

Aysha: I know, so, I'm not saying that Homestuck is going to save the world, but I'm also not not saying that.

Kate: I think more accurately that Homestuck fans might save the world. I, you know, I, Aw, I love you guys. No, no. I, I really do. I know but you know, the, the incredible spirit of this community has really kind of made me very emotional over the last few days as the reception to this thing has been ... Absurd. Ah,

Aysha: Yeah. We were just in, we were in my apartment before it launched and we sat there for three hours from nine to noon, just like, I feel like that, that, that three hours contained multitudes. It felt like it was for, we were there a week and then we were just like, but every, it was like smooth. It didn't, the website didn't break.

Kate: It didn't break. And that's all thanks to Kohi Andrew D. Kohi yeah, that's right. That's right. That's right. The new Andrew number one.

Aysha: Yeah, new Andrew. And like, and every, and then within an hour, Polygon wrote an article and I was like, does this mean that we're one step closer to Brian David Gilbert.

Kate: There's only, there's only one Homestuck Unraveled that I recognize, and it's Beckah Lorvua.

Aysha: [Inaudible] Respect for my president.

Kate: [Unintelligible] Your city. Exactly. We don't need, we don't need him. We don't need his mustache. It's, is he, wait, is he, does Brian David Gilbert have Jake energy? [A few Oh my Gods from the crowd] The intake of breath from the crowd.

Aysha: [Hesitant] Yes.

Cro: Are you trying to say he's a himbo?

Kate: I mean, he, he did, he did celebrate being listed in the Google image results for himbo.

Aysha: Oh did he?

Kate: Yeah.

Aysha: Perfect.

Kate: Yeah. So— Alright, so all right. Case closed.

Aysha: He looks like my roommate.

Kate: Case closed then. All right, so Brian, David Gilbert is Jake English. That's we've sort of accomplished one of the great questions of our time. Which Homestuck character does he kin?

Cro: We crack that mystery. We're in this timeline. : [Someone Tries to quote DAVE: thats a hell of a mystery no one thought was a mystery and didnt even really need solving DAVE: but damn if it didnt just get solved so nice work]

Aysha: That's the quote that is really useful, but nobody actually knows what it is. So you just kind of mumble, you know? Sure. It got solved

Kate: But sure got solved. Well, no. Well I should, I'm not sure. You don't remember all 800,000 words of Homestuck completely verbatim on recall that you are qualified for this job.

Audience Member: Fake fan

Kate: Fake Fan

Aysha: Well, as someone who, who famously didn't know that Joey and Jude were not siblings,

Kate: Were not twins. They are siblings.

Aysha: Yeah, they are siblings. They're not twins. I thought they were twins. I'm so sorry. I feel bad for their poor mother. They're like almost the same age.

Cro: That sucks.

Kate: I mean, I feel bad for her poor mother because she had sex with Jake English.

Aysha: That's true.

Kate: I'm sorry to anybody who's attracted to Jake English, for many reasons. I'm sorry.

Aysha: One of the things we've tossed around as a side, a side project is just a dating sim. But you only date Jake English.

Kate: I, that's the first I've heard of it. And probably because you knew that I would absolutely hate it. I want nothing to do with it at all.

Aysha: I also could have just made it up on the spot.

Kate: You could have. Well, I have no way to check these things.

Cro: I personally think that dating Sims are the future.

Kate: Yeah,

Cro: Yeah.

Kate: Absolutely.

Aysha: Or friendship sims.

Kate: Yeah or friendship simulators,

Cro: Exactly, relationships, simulators.

Kate: Yeah. Right.

Cro: Simulators. I'm good at this.

Aysha: God forbid you have one in real life. Like that would be ridiculous.

Kate: Well we like Homestuck like hold on, now it's a thing. That sort of thing. Invades your brain like a parasite and then you can only date people that also like Homestuck.

Cro: That's true.

Audience Member: Or you can make them like Homestuck.

Kate: Or you make them like Homestuck. Exactly. Yeah. Shout outs to all of our shout outs to all of the suffering partners of Homestuck likers out there for, for all of the pain they've been through. Yeah. And so it's been a crazy few months for, for everybody. I mean the Homestuck fans go a little wild when there's not new things to talk about. They get really punchy and they start.

Aysha: [Unintelligible] Rabbit. You have to throw them another like,

Audience Member: Toblerone?

Aysha: Yeah.

Kate: Toblerone yeah.

Kate: Um but it's, it's been fun. It's been a fun few months of, of relative quietude where, you know, everyone can just discourse about June Egbert.

Cro: Yeah.

Kate: Etc. But I was so nervous before the launch. I was so unbelievably nervous. I was just pacing around the room. We were listening to Vulfpeck.

Aysha: As one does.

Kate: Um yeah. And so let me talk a little bit about Vulfpeck cause this is a show about Vulfpeck now. They're a, they're an American funk collective that was founded in 2011. And you know, that scene in early Homestuck where Jade Harley grows additional arms, robot arms to play an impossible baseline. That's Joe Dart in real life. So put some respect on the name.

Aysha: It's famously the only funk that you can't have sex to.

Kate: It's the least sexy funk ever created. And as, you know, a lifelong fan of They Might Be Giants. I really admire music that you can't fuck to. Not a single person has ever listened to a They Might be Giants song and thought this really puts me in the mood. I'm a big fan of math jokes.

Aysha: I mean, you know, some people are.

Kate: I mean, somebody married Randall Munroe. I love xkcd. Let me be very fucking clear. I adore xkcd and I've loved it for years and that's why I'm like this. Man. So what did you think? Did you like it? Did you like the update? I'm a yawning, gaping void of, of necessary— reinforcement.

Cro: There are so many updates going on. You're going to have to specify honestly.

Kate: I dunno.

Aysha: Homestuck 2, do you like Homestuck 2? Do you like it?

Cro: Oh yeah. I like the idea of Homestuck 2. I just got to see where it's going. But obviously I'm here for support.

Kate: It's going to go wherever you like the least.

Cro: God, I'm here for the long haul, honestly. Like I'm going to be here. I'm, I'm excited. I'm getting into the right mindset to take it all in. I, there is so much home— like outside of this live show, there is so much Homestuck stuff going on that I had like an overhaul of stimuli and I had to take a break for a quick second on Twitter and then I came back and then I like made some takes on not Twitter. Tumblr.

Aysha: You always have like 16 fan projects going.

Cro: Oh God, we'll get into that. Yeah. But yeah, like I was on Twitter. It's, it's interesting. On Twitter everyone was like, for the most part pretty hyped. Tumblr was hyped but for a little bit of a different reasoning. Let's just say that I definitely got into some interesting conversations and also the tag is a wreck. But yeah,

Aysha: Never go into the tags on Tumblr one, one does simply not go— Walk into Tumblr.

Cro: See, I'm innocent and I'm naive and I thought I was going to go in there and see a bunch of, [innocent] oh, Dirk is cosplaying, but I saw a lot more of, [sinister] oh Dirk is cosplaying.

Kate: Like it's problematic. Is he, is he appropriating Kamina that,

Aysha: I mean literally that's the point. The villain is appropriating culture. How dare he?

Kate: I hate his stupid fucking sandals. When, Xam came back with that design I felt just absolutely pure frothing rage. And that's how I knew she nailed it.

Aysha: I mean the thing is though, he's the villain and like in theory like he has his new Strife, like his new captchalogue thing that is just literally you put something in and then you take something out and you can do anything and he could probably make anything. And he made himself that outfit, because he hates me and he wants me to suffer.

Kate: Yeah and people have already cosplayed it and that was the most awesome thing was seeing the return of like update cosplay in 20 minutes.

Aysha: Yeah, the person who did it in 20 minutes and put like a towel for his cape.

Kate: What if it is just a towel?

Aysha: It might just be a towel!

Kate: That's ironic, right? That's what irony is.

Cro: I accept [crosstalk].

Kate: I'd like to explain what irony is a lot.

Cro: Oh God. Yeah. I mean I don't appreciate it because Dirk Strider just basically does what I do in my free time.

Kate: Take over narratives and kidnap women?

Cro: No, I was gonna say [unintelligible].

Aysha: [Unintelligible] People's wives?

Cro: No, I was gonna say cosplaying to myself, just for myself.

Aysha: A man cosplays alone on his bridge, in his spaceship.

Cro: Surrounded by plants.

Kate: Surrounded by plants. Plants are ideal friends cause they, they do not, they do not break your heart and they don't say dumb shit like Jake English.

Aysha: [Crosstalk]

Kate: It was so good to see Terezi again, it was so good to see Terezi in a context that wasn't—

Cro: You could hear Terezi. You couldn't see her.

Audience Member: I doubt Terezi saw Terezi either.

Kate: Well, that might be a little insensitive. That might be—

Aysha: It's like the time you told me that at least I'm better at art than Terezi, but Terezi's blind!

Kate: I'm not even, is the thing I have visual artists. Definitely not my forte. I, I did, I designed Secily and then that's it. Everything else is everything I was done. I was like, I made it. I made the ultimate thirst trap for people [unintelligible]. Butch milves.

Aysha: There's a core demographic for that.

Kate: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And those are the people that I'm really going to be going to be mopping it up amongst in 20 years.

Aysha: I think that the art that people, I think the art that people miss out on the most when they're not, like in, in like the dev chats that we have, every so often James Roach's art will appear. He'll just draw something really fast and it's like he should make, he should do like a book, like Dril did of all his tweets, but James should just put all the art he's done really fast. He's like, you know, kind of like this and it's just incredible.

Kate: I think we should just start using his assets in the games. Yeah. James Roach. MSPA MS Paint. It's his new, yeah, it's, he's, he's a better master of MS Paint than Andrew ever could be because Andrew never actually made anything in MS Paint.

Aysha: No he didn't, he's a, he's, he's a fucking liar!

Kate: Right, it's all a fraud from the very beginning. I mean he only, he only got the job writing Homestuck because he was your friend, right?

Aysha: So I don't know if everybody saw my literal favorite thing that's ever been posted on Reddit, but it was like, it was like a pyramid. I wish we could project it here. We can try it for you, but it was incredible.

Kate: It was a pyramid with the proletariat, which was the struggling artists, which we aren't obviously because we're extremely rich and we have over a thousand dollars in our bank account.

Aysha: That's why I'm wearing dirty chucks.

Kate: Yeah. Right. My, yeah. This is, this is my only pair of sneakers. No, but it was it was a edit of an old socialist piece of propaganda that, that had you at the top, sort of dictating the—

Aysha: Yeah I was at the top and below was Aysha's personal friends. So Andrew is one of my personal friends, so that's why he got to write Homestuck.

Kate: Yeah exactly. It's all nepotism all the way down.

Aysha: Yeah. I liked the, the Reddit comments, like the comments of 'Who's Aysha?'

Kate: Yeah, the top comment being 'Who's Aysha?' Really, really nailed down just how, just how absolutely.

Cro: [Crosstalk] Aysha U. Farah

Kate: Yeah, we're running this shit in secret.

Cro: I must've been sleeping during this.

Aysha: No, you literally got on Discord at like 3:00 PM and you were like, I was asleep. What happened?

Cro: See, that was because I went to bed after doing some Homestuck stuff and I was too busy doing Homestuck stuff to wake up at an early time to experience more Homestuck.

Kate: That's actually a valid reason.

Aysha: Yeah.

Cro: Then I experienced more Homestuck when I woke up and I'm like, Aw shit, this is good, but there's too much Homestuck stimuli. I gotta relax by doing some more Homestuck.

Kate: Yeah.

Cro: That's how my schedule goes up.

Aysha: Cro is on that next level shit where Cro's like, Oh, Canon update, I got some shit to do.

Cro: Look, look, look I made this hat last night. All right.

Kate: That's amazing.

Aysha: It's pretty good.

Kate: But no, that's like genuinely what I want. You know, people are like, oh Homestuck 2 invalidates fan work. Well, I don't think so. I did see that take.

Aysha: That's a hot take.

Kate: No, but like I, I do genuinely, I would love it if everybody was so invested in their own projects that they were making that they didn't give a shit when we did anything.

Cro: Yeah.

Kate: I think, I think the ideal world, right? Yeah. I know you don't give a shit. I know that I'm saying that. I like it. I prefer indifference. No, I think the ideal world, this is why, again, I enjoy my secret Vulfpeck stan account on Twitter that has four followers.

Aysha: I'm full of like, like I when we hired Haven to work on Pesterquest, I was super impressed. I was like really excited that he didn't follow me. I was like, Oh, this person doesn't give a fuck about me. That's awesome.

Kate: Yeah. The only thing better than somebody not following me is someone who blocks me. That's how I know that at this like I can trust you. You don't give a shit. I think there's someone here tonight who blocks me actually, and I'm a big fan of yours for doing that.

Aysha: Direct action.

Kate: Direct action. You are, you are creating the Homestuck you want to see in the world by not fucking listening to me. Well, I tweet, I tweet way too much.

Aysha: No you have to curate your own experience. It's very important. And if part of that is getting rid of me—

Kate: Right. I'm not being passive aggressive at all. Like if engaging with our shit does not make you happy, then do something else. That's fine. Give your, give your money to somebody else to like—

Aysha: Some other indie creator. It's just that, that classic, the classic share zone. If it sucks, hit da bricks.

Kate: And it's like, you know, we're gonna we're going to try really hard to make good stuff and bad stuff in this classic Homestuck tradition to maintain the perfect balance.

Aysha: It's gonna be pretty bad.

Kate: It's gonna be pretty bad. I dunno,.

Aysha: It might be, it'd be a little bad.

Kate: That's okay. I the best I, there is a scene that I wrote that is the best scene I ever wrote and also the worst scene I've ever written at the same time.

Aysha: I know which one you mean.

Kate: I know it's, you know, the, you know the bullet that's going to do you in one day and I know that that's the, that's the one and I'll tell you guys once it happens,

Audience Member: Hello?

Kate: I apologize for it like three or four years in advance [laughing] man.

Aysha: But of course I mean, then there's the, all the people who could, who are not here, who are also working on it, who are incredible.

Kate: Yeah I wanted to give a shout out to them.

Aysha: We got Lalo Hunt, we have Pip D., We have optimisticDuelist, we have Xam, Xam Vast error.

Kate: Xam Vast error. Vast error.

Aysha: Then we have Kohi who I have never heard of before,

Kate: But I thought only your friends got jobs.

Aysha: Yeah, but this person, I don't even know who they are.

Kate: But yeah, like you know that it's been awesome to sort of do this thing where we all have different perspectives on Homestuck and we're trying to compositing them into one final whole that none of us, W H O L E all right folks?

Aysha: Put them in a hole yeah!

Kate: Put them in a hole. But you know, like, I mean, optimisticDuelist like, I wouldn't have come back into Homestuck if it wasn't for his stuff. And like, you know, when I first read his essays it was the first thing that told me like, Oh, there's, there's still stuff happening in the current Homestuck fandom that is like taking a really interesting new perspective on media. Um and, and now like it was funny because I actually was really, yeah, there was once a time where I was very intimidated to talk to him. I was too, I was, when I first started the podcast. Yes. When I, when I first started the podcast,

Aysha: How sweet.

Kate: I didn't ask him, I didn't ask him to come on for like for a while because I was genuinely intimidated cause I was like, cause I respect him so much and I was intimidated by you as well. Which I still am actually that's the only reasonable decision.

Aysha: It's only because I'm like 10 feet tall.

Kate: Yeah you're very tall. I, I've been borrowing Aysha's car this week. It's a very nice Subaru. And.

Aysha: It's the gay car,

Kate: The gay car. Right. Yeah. And, and when I got in the driving position, it was like I was in a Formula One car. I was like leaning all the way back. You were, you were really, you were really, you, you enjoy a nice luxurious drive with all your nine feet of height.

Aysha: Yeah. Well you know, blame my dad.

Kate: Well if, if, if Homestuck this Homestuck thing doesn't work out then you can be in the WMDA probably.

Aysha: That's true. That's true. Yeah, my dad was, was going to be here actually, but he didn't come cause he's, he's very tired.

Kate: Who isn't?

Aysha: Whomst among us. But yeah, he says hello and you're all weirdos and also thank you. That was his messages.

Kate: I got to meet your dad recently and I loved him. Yeah. I love your dad.

Aysha: I love my dad.

Kate: Um he's a, he's a, he's a great guy and I loved his routes very much as well. Yeah. Cro, what do you, what do you think the future of Homestuck looks like? Like what do you think the future of this community looks like? I'm interested in your perspective.

Cro: Specifically the community or specifically Homestuck? Those are like two different,

Kate: Let's do the community cause they're here. Yeah.

Cro: Hey everyone. So yeah, the community, the future of the community. It's definitely a transformative community in regards to how reactions happen and different things that people decide to engage with, whether it be in the comic or with the community itself. It's like apples and oranges when you compare how Homestuck community was back then versus what it is now. But there are a lot of things that are very similar and some things that took a little bit of a break when it comes to what the community does that especially have like flared up with this year with the 10th year of Homestuck. Like I want to say maybe there was a little bit of a drought when it came to particular things that the community were doing such as fan projects, sometimes even fan albums and different art projects that were happening. I know the, the voice acting community had a very bad drought and—

Aysha: They're back though.

Kate: Yeah they're back

Cro: Yeah, they're, they're very back.

Audience Member: Broadway Karkat—

Aysha, Kate and Cro:[unintelligible] Broadway Karkat

Aysha: Yeah Broadway Karkat and Case are going to have to fight in the street.

Kate: I know right? Case is—

Aysha: The Karkat who is the true Karkat?

Cro: Yeah. Like voice acting has came like it's come back and it's like so many different things have like at least come back into the community because of that spark and whether or not people want to follow the story or not. I especially don't think that that should like diminish the creative value that people can have in their own time. Like, one of the things that I like borrow from a thread that I said once is that like Canon is plural. And if you want to follow your own kind of canon, if you want to step away from things that aren't your cup of tea, that's completely fine to do. Like Homestuck is your thing. It's a story that everyone engages with in a different way. And I think that with the community going forward and with people who want to stay, I think that that is especially something that kind of foreshadows the creative potential that the community can bring to the plate with like every single individual that wants to try.

Kate: So I mean, you know, we're doing all this masturbatory fuckery about what canon is and what it isn't. And that's because it really is like canon, to paraphrase Kanaya canon is a funny little miracle that happens inside your head, right? Like whatever happened in Homestuck is based on what you remember happened in Homestuck.

Aysha: Right? And it's also originally like a biblical term. So like canon's already fucked canon.

Kate: All right. All right, Richard Dawkins,

Aysha: How dare you? Can we do? It's like 6:30.

Kate: Oh yeah. I guess we should just, we should open this up to questions. So we've got Ana up here with a, with a little portable audio recorder. If you want to—

Aysha: Spilling water

Kate: Spilling water everywhere, just absolutely ruining the pit, which has been so gracious as the hostess.

Aysha: Thank you so much.

Kate: Thank you so much. Thank you so much you guys. This has been an amazing experience coming over here, but.

Aysha: We have a stage,

Kate: We have a stage. I know, right? We're not. The first time we did this we were just sitting in the corner of a bar.

Audience Member: Sell outs!

Kate: I know we absolutely sold out. We've sold out to big Patreon. We sold out to a big you guys.

Aysha: —Spin All the way [unintelligible screaming]

Kate: Please do not bust ass and die.

Cro: [Unintelligible] Doing great.

Kate: For those listening on the audio. Aysha just spun around completely in her chair. 360. So if you had questions, I guess, how are we going to, how are we going to do this? 

Aysha: Raise your hand maybe?

Kate: Raise your hand, right? I actually can't fucking see anything with these glasses on.

Aysha: Don't worry I got you.

Kate: All right, cool.

Aysha: The classic sign of I have a question. Raise your hand if you have a question.

Kate: Any comers if you want to heckle us. Yeah.

Audience Member: Was the ask box real at all? Dirk's ask box.

Kate: Was the ask box real? Yes. we read through as many submissions as we could. We got about we got like a couple hundred submissions, actually over a thousand I think.

Aysha: We actually had a pretty big, like, not big, but we had like, we came down to two and we had to vote.

Kate: Yeah. We actually had no idea what was going to be on that panel before it came in. We were like, we were, this was not, this is not a clever lie. Like we, it came down to two and should we tell the people what almost we almost picked cause me and Aysha, me and Aysha, were actually in the minority opinion where we, so obviously > Dirk: Stop making Homestuck. Was very funny. When we first got that in we all laughed a lot. But me and Aysha were the minority faction that really wanted > Dirk: Use narrative powers to remove your own ribs so you can suck your own dick. [Audience Laughter]. And so whoever sent that in thank God for you, that was.

Aysha: God bless.

Kate: My favorite also was the people who, so, you know, there were a lot of suggestions that were like, eat shit and die, fuck off, kill yourself. And then there was some people who sent in second suggestions to the box that were like, I'm so sorry about the kill yourself suggestion that I sent. I was talking to Dirk, not you. And there were a few nice little message messages as well. And there are a few really mean things but who cares, you know, it's an anonymous box on the internet, but yes, it was a real box and we, we really read the things as they were coming in. And we were all like fucking vibrating out of our mind with excitement about, you know, people engaging with it in real time and I hope, you know, and I think doing shit doing weird interesting interactive shit like that in the future is—

Aysha: It probably won't be the last time.

Kate: Yeah. Right. I mean it's Homestuck. We could literally do whatever the fuck we want. Yeah. But it was very, very fun to do it for that little 30 minute interval and, and bring, bring that back. And then Dirk obviously made the exact same mistakes that Andrew made because men never learn from other men. And, and, and, and, you know, realize that Oh yes. Actually the suggestion box is maybe a bad idea, although, I don't know. I actually disagree with Dirk on this one cause I really enjoyed having the box open. Yeah.

Aysha: Yeah.

Kate: Do we have any other questions? Anybody else? Anybody, any comments? Any, Oh yeah.

Audience Member: Are we ever going to like learn 1. What mages do or what their god tier outfit looks like?

Aysha: [Groans]

Audience Member: I don't know that right now, but like, just putting that question in the consciousness again, cause that's been bothering me since like 2012.

Kate: Yeah, that's totally fair. I, so when I was talking to Andrew about class, the first time I met Andrew, I was talking to him about classpect stuff. Because I'm a fucking huge nerd. Right? and I, you know, I was talking about the muse and shit and he said there's a lot of really cool stuff that you can do with the system. And if I went out and explained all of it then it would be constrained by my bad ideas. This, I'm paraphrasing, this isn't exactly what he said, but like it would be constrained by my bad ideas. And so I think about this stuff a lot and I love like optimisticDuelist's analysis of classpects and I love seeing other people's perspectives on it and what it means. I love the Vast Error take on the classpect system. Um but I don't really want to do word of God stuff about it. If a mage ends up becoming relevant in the story and their powers end up becoming relevant in the story, then you know, that's cool. But in terms of like, I actually think it's, it's really cool and beautiful how people take their own meaning from the class and aspect system. And it's actually something that's very meaningful to me because again, I am a bit of a, I actually am a bit of a sentimental dork about Homestuck. But like time, you know, my connection to time and, and my connection to the, to the role of the muse was something that actually helped me understand myself better. And I think if you have, you know, the muses are, are definitely, I mean the, the, the mages are very difficult to understand. It's a very difficult to understand class. And I am interested in everyone's perspective on it. But I definitely don't want to just be in the business of handing out, cause when you hand out answers, you're like constrain people's perceptions of it. Right?

Audience Member: I just want to know what the outfit looks like.

Kate: That's a great fucking question. And I, I, you know, hopefully maybe we'll see a mage outfit at some point.

Cro: If I have to be a nerd. If you go look at the flash ministrife, there are a lot of trolls that are wearing god tier outfits, including Sollux and Meulin. So that potentially has that. There's also collide, but also they don't have arms in that. So we don't know what the sleeves are like

Aysha: Well I mean it's like I've said like multiple times, I feel like about Sburb is that everything we learn about Sburb, we learn from a character who's guessing about Sburb. So all of the things that we think are true, like the classes being gendered for instance, like that was what Calliope said, but Calliope was wrong about a lot of things. Like Calliope was wrong about the god tiers all having wings because the humans don't.

Kate: Yeah Calliope didn't understand gender.

Aysha: Yeah, exactly. So like basically even things that we take like at face value for like what Sburb is like probably they are not always true because we're like, we don't actually know anything. It's just like Rose guessed at Sburb. Cause they never got a rule book.

Kate: Yeah. And the sessions that we saw were very unusual sessions. Maybe even the most unusual sessions,

Aysha: In fact.

Kate: Um but you know, I would love the Prima strategy guide for Sburb, it'd be really awesome if they made that and I could go buy it at GameStop. But—

Aysha: God, well that was a time I have. So I found an old Pokémon strategy guide, like when I was clearing out my house and I was like, Oh man,—

Kate: Those were so good.

Aysha: They were really good. Yeah.

Kate: Cause you know, you get like little posters and maps and stuff. I would love something like that for Sburb. I would, I think that would, you know, that would address a lot of this stuff. But it would maybe one day, I don't know. This seems like the sort of thing that maybe optimisticDuelist might wild out and make in like three nights, one.

Aysha: Might fuck around and—

Kate: Might fuck around and do this. But yeah, no, like I love talking about this stuff. I don't know what the outfit looks like and definitely I shouldn't design it because I don't know if you've ever seen how I dress. But you know, I hope we get to see it too. I'm on, I'm on your side there, with that. Do we have anybody else? Yeah. Oh, Sarah. Hello. What are you gonna make my life miserable?

Sarah: Hi. Sarah Zedig host of the Perfectly Generic Podcast. [Audience Laughter] My question, so you talked about when you, you mentioned Dirk fucking Strider about in Homestuck 2, which is a thing that exists now apparently. You said that there is the two suggestion boxes and you sort of voted in the team. You said you two were in the minority. So I'm curious to what extent y'all are. Like, there's like a communal like voting system. Like are you guys like w I can't. Yeah. Like are you a democracy? Are you a communist Republic?

Kate: We are a Soviet

Aysha: [Crosstalk] we are socialists.

Kate: Yeah, we are. So, so when I first made, so, you know, Andrew was like, you put a team together, I was like, okay, cool. Let me make a bunch of communism jokes. So I, I made a, a discord server called the union of Soviet socialist Homestucks. And no— genuinely you know, I w I, I wanted us to all operate on a level where we had equivalent perspective, right? Where no, nobody, like, you know, I'm technically the leader, but that just means that it's my job to fucking play ping pong with Andrew about making things worse. But, you know, it's a temporary position that'll rotate. But yeah, it's a, it's, it's definitely something where we all try to engage equivalently and, you know, we're all being paid the same. And it's and I, it's actually something that I've really, really enjoyed is this ability to, you know, to, for there to be majority and minority perspectives in it and for people to come at this from different ways. But it is, I would, I would say it's pretty wholly democratic. There's no element of it that there's no, there's no auteur here, right. As you put it. I think there's no, there's no, you know, there's no fucking Tarantino that's like, can we put more feet in? And then he just gets to do that. No, you know, you need four votes if you want the feet in.

Aysha: When we got Andrew, when we were editing Andrew's outline, he said there are three things that are non negotiable, and I will not tell you what those are. Maybe afterwards when they come out, but they were all great.

Kate: Yeah. We all agreed on those things that were, that were Andrew's priorities and that was it. Those are the only limitations. And I will, I will tell you guys what they were, but you'll probably know because they're going to be the best things. You know, when we signed on Andrew, we make fun of him. Obviously we're all here because of something that he wrote. And you know, it's, it's been amazing to be on this ride and, and to work with him. 

Aysha: Yeah, he's a stealth incredible human. Like, you don't think about it. And then you think about like, okay, Andrew Hussie classic douchebag from the internet, but he also like built up this giant monster of a creation and then just handed it to a bunch of women. Like, which is like, Oh.

Kate: Yeah and—

Aysha: Women and queer people like women and like, just like queer people, trans people,

Kate: Clouds of genderless voids like myself.

Aysha: Genderless voids yeah. And like, I don't know many dudes who've done that. Like, so

Kate: He's one of the most humble people. I don't know. You, you got brunch with Andrew and that was a thousand films. A really fun day. I really,

Cro: I have a— yeah, I met him once. Yeah. I wish I said more, but I was very nervous staring at my, staring at my shoes like I am now. Yeah. Like he's a chill dude. Like, it's amazing how you look at someone differently when you like stare for 10 seconds and you're like, wow, this person is just a person like me and you.

Kate: You know what? I actually wanted to say something because Drew Linky from the Homestuck reddit mod team got me a wonderful scarf here. And you know what, I'm going to fucking, so the Homestuck reddit mod team has been absolutely fantastic at banning people who were, you know, putting inaccurate information or being transphobic like they've actually done an excellent job over these last few months of making it a better place to be. And so I just want to say right now it is official that I have no beef with the Homestuck subreddit. [audience applause]

Aysha: Wow we're really mending bridges here.

Kate: Yeah I know it's unusually magnanimous of me, but no, like I, you know, I look, you know, sometimes, sometimes when people, when communities are created where bad actors exist, I get kind of vitriolic about it because I've got a lot of experience with that cough, Overwatch cough.

Audience Member: We just want to be supportive

Kate: Um yeah, well I, and I understand that and I appreciate it a lot. And you know, I know a lot of like, I will continue to up to make like Reddit guy voice jokes because there's commenters that are very pedantic and that's just how it is. But you know, there's, there's problems with every social media platform and somebody's.

Aysha: Twitter doesn't have any problems. [audience Laughter].

Kate: Yeah. Right. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. Twitter fucking sucks as well. There's, you know, they're like,

Audience Member: [Unintelligible] we're on your side.

Kate: Yeah, exactly right.

Aysha: Jack.

Kate: Fuck Jack Dorsey. Fuck. You know, basically, as long as we're, as long as we organize on other people's platforms, there's always going to be, we're not going to have complete control over the community.

Aysha: Make a blog,

Kate: Make a blog, make your own website. It's fun.

Audience Member: [Unintelligible]

Kate: Or get yeah, exactly. Or get Kohi and make your website.

Aysha: [Unintelligible] Discord servers. We jokingly have called my Patreon server the demilitarized zone.

Kate: In an awesome place where, where, where me and Makin can punch each other while a bunch of people watch. So if you actually want to see Makin a nice sort of performatively argue for everyone else's benefit, you can give Aysha U. Farah money on Patreon.

Aysha: Aysha U. Farah, now she's making people pay to talk to her.

Kate: What it does is she's making people pay to watch other people argue in her vicinity. And it's very fun.

Cro: You're getting people to pay for the greatest crossover of all time.

Kate: Yeah exactly. It really is, it's the, it's the PVP enabled zone. All right, we've, we've anybody else out there? Yeah, we got Tyzias I'm sorry, I, I'm blind so I accidentally overruled somebody.

Audience Member: Oh no, I'm sorry. I'm just knocking glasses all over the place.

Kate: Yeah, we're spilling water over here. Let's go.

Audience Member: So of the remaining routes for both Pesterquest and Snowbound Blood, which ones are you looking most forward to?

Aysha: Oh boy.

Kate: I'm going to let you answer first.

Aysha: Um I'm really looking forward to, I guess I'll, I'll just like, I'll just scoop him right now. My dad is writing Feferi.

Audience: Wooooooo! [and clapping]

Aysha: Cause he loves her. I was like, why do you like Feferi so much? *She's So cute.* So I'm looking forward to that.

Kate: Yeah, well it's like when I had him on and when I had him on the show, you know, he was like, well Feferi reminds me of Aysha.

Audience: [Sympathetic Noises]

Kate: And my heart melted immediately right there. But yeah, I'm so excited. Well also you scooped him. Where's he going to say it? His Twitter?

Aysha: I like you were like where can people find you online? He was like nowhere—

Kate: And that sort of set up, you know,

Aysha: I hate online.

Kate: Yeah fuck online I Cro. What are you looking forward to most?

Cro: Oh gosh. About just Pesterquest slash Snowbound slash any visual novels?

Kate & Aysha: Yeah

Cro: Well I'm going to admit something. I still need to catch up on Vast Error and Snowbound Blood.

Kate: That's fine. There's a lot of it.

Cro: Oh me too, me too.

Kate: The thing is it's not going anywhere unless you have some plans. Awesome.

Audience Member: I got some plans to ask a question later but otherwise no.

Kate: All right. Well, so we're not, so we're not taking down Vast Error. So you got, you got, you got time.

Cro: Yeah. It's on my Google doc of a to do list. That's like eight pages long next to every 30 Homestuck projects, I'm doing it right now.

Aysha: If you don't say the thing you're looking forward to the most is the Cronus route. I'm going to fucking call bullshit.

Kate: What if I wrote the Cronus route? No, I'm not going to write the Cronus route, I couldn't tolerate him for 5,000 words.

Cro: It's okay. Like, what am I looking forward to? I'm just looking forward to like the new stories and stuff like that that's going to come, I mean obviously like stories that are like dissecting different interpretations of these characters that we've already seen, but just to see what people will be talking about, how we can see these characters in a very similar light but obviously through a different lens. Like when I, just shill for a moment, when I was doing my own podcast.

Kate: Do it do it do it.

Cro: Yeah. So yeah. Okay. I do a podcast, I'll call Sblurb. It does a lot of like stuff about Homestuck content creation and art even though we've been mostly focusing on Pesterquest stuff. But that's fine. I remember when I had caseJackal on it and we were just talking about. Karkat's route, and we both like Karkat obviously and the thing about it is that even though this was basically talking about Karkat through different, like, like through similar things that we've seen in the comic because of the fact that we were getting a new perspective of this character, new things to dig, it gave us a conversation, it gave us ideas, it gave us obviously that sense of community in a community when it comes to just interacting about things that you like. So I think one of the things that I very much look forward to with Pesterquest would definitely be the conversations that it creates with the community and just following these characters in different sites that we hadn't originally gotten.

Kate: But also you want a Cronus route.

Cro: No comment.

Kate: That would be so funny if it was, if there was a dancestor dating sim.

Cro: Look, if it doesn't happen, I'll just, make—

Kate: Yeah just make it!

Cro: I'll make another page on my to-do list.

Kate: Yeah, exactly. And so for me, of the ones, obviously I'm, I have this mix of anticipation and fear of the things that I'm writing. So the two things that I'd like, I'm most looking forward to that I'm doing that that I want you to see are Yeshin. And obviously my fucking terrible trucker dyke. I love her so much. And then Vriska of course I think the Vriska route might be the best thing I ever wrote.

Aysha: It's very good.

Kate: Well thank you. I appreciate that madam director,

Aysha: It's gonna debut along with Gamzee. I don't know who fucking wrote that one.

Kate: Gamzee somebody, somebody's fan troll I guess.

Aysha: Some dickhead.

Kate: Somebody's fan troll Gamzee I don't know who that is, but yeah, I'm looking forward to that but for, from other people, I'm actually looking most forward to the Eridan route which I've read and it's, it's so good. It's so good. I'm again, as we know, I'm a completely unironic Eridan Stan. I love him.

Audience Member: [Unintelligible]

Kate: Eridan Ampora. I'm really looking forward to that route. And then Snowbound brought, oh God I'm looking forward to Glomer because there's a part of it that's really fucking funny and I can't wait for you guys to see. Yeah, so let's take two more questions and one of them will be from Austin. So I fucking honor you. Let's get Austin's question then we'll get one more cause we are getting close.

Austin: Hi. you all know me. I need to know.

Aysha: [Unintelligible] Pick up the lemon you gave me.

Austin: Wait you say. You don't have it?

Aysha: I brought it.

Austin: Oh, okay. Make sure you let me see him later.

Aysha: Okay.

Austin: Anyway, my very important question is, are we rolling up to the OG after this? I've got coupons.

Kate: The OG?

Austin: Yeah the olive garden.

Kate: Ohhhh That's where we met Dave Strider, you, and me and Aysha.

Aysha: Where we all like ignored Dave Strider

Austin: And we met my burger, Richard.

Kate: This is, well, I would like, I would walk up to it, you know, I walked up to the table that had MSPA reader and Dave Strider at it and I said, and I completely ignored Dave and was like, Oh my God, are you MSPA reader? I love your work and I love your ass.

Cro: I'm just saying you guys have to,

Aysha: Look at this lemon Austin gave me.

Cro: Oh shit. That's a lemon.

Kate: Yeah, that's a lemon. Let's not explain it. Let's not even explain the inside joke.

Aysha: Don't worry about it.

Cro: I haven't seen that since a few episodes ago. Yeah, I'm just saying that maybe to just to make the greatest cosplay picture of all times, you all need to make another Homestuck meetup where you just go to the Olive Garden with one Dave cosplayer and just take that picture.

Aysha: All sitting at different tables.?

Cro: Yeah you have to have like Andrew right outside the window.

Kate: Lurking.

Aysha: Andrew cannot. I'll pass him breadsticks through the window.

Cro: Is it an open window?

Aysha: I don't— listen. I don't know why there was an open window in the olive garden.

Kate: Well no. If there's like a, there's like a gap in the, in the, in there's like pillars inside. I don't know. I mean I spend a lot, I spend more time inside Olive Gardens than I would like,

Aysha: I, I don't know if I've ever actually been to an Olive Garden.

Kate: When you're there, you're family.

Aysha: That's true.

Cro: I think my biggest sin is that I don't think I've ever seen an Olive Garden.

Kate: That's not a sin. That's like blessed. That's like, I mean blessed are the ignorant, right? Like

Cro: True. I kinda wanna know what their breadsticks taste like.

Aysha: Bread.

Kate: Right. They taste like bread. It is like bread and salt. Everything on the Olive Garden menu is trash except for the soup and the salad.

Cro: Right.

New Speaker: And so you just get [whoop from audience] yeah exactly. That's fucking right. If you get the soup and the salad, you're fucking set. One time I was extremely hung over. I got carried up two flights of stairs on New Year's Eve. And I, yeah, these were worst days for me. And then I slept until like, I just was in bed till like 4:00 PM, and I was like, I can't eat anything other than the soup and salad from Olive Garden.

Aysha: That's the feeling. That's the vibe.

New Speaker: Yeah that's the vibe.

Cro: I at some point I have to have a breadstick cause I, I know that you listened to it Aysha in regards to me saying that at some point when I reach some kind of tier of whatever I just made up I am going to have to maybe sit down. Maybe it will be for Sblurb with like Banavalope and I'm like, if we get to this goal, I will go over to where they are and we're going to just, I don't know, maybe eat a bunch of Homestuck oriented food, including salty soda.

Aysha: God damn it.

Cro: Maybe some salty.

Aysha: I did not [unintelligible] salty Coke for you to drink it.

Cro: Either salty Coke or Gatorade milk. I'm still deciding. [oohs From crowd]

Aysha: What about boiled Monster Energy? Like Vast Error.

Kate: For the Secily fans.

Cro: You know, I already drink Monster, so it won't be that hard. I'm already desensitized.

Kate: Yeah.

Aysha: Yeah

Kate: All right. So let's see. What's the time? We can do two more questions actually.

Aysha: Two more questions, because that question sucked.

Kate: Yeah that question was bad. Your comic's better than your question. Awesome. You got a question?

Aysha: No you pick.

Kate: I pick? Okay. Well I can't fucking see. Somebody over here.

Aysha: Vriska

Kate: Let's get a question from Vriska please.

Vriska: So other than the outlines, how much input is Hussie going to have in Homestuck 2?

Kate: None if I have—. No, I'm kidding.

Kate: No. no. We you know, he's a, he's,

Aysha: He's around.

Kate: Yeah. He's, he's very close with, with all of this so far. I dunno, maybe one day he'll lose interest and wander off to go fucking... Care about Korean pop stars or something. But like until then,

Audience Member: [Unintelligible] Korea

Kate: Yeah. But no, no, he's been, he's been very hands on with it so far. Which has been great. But you know, a lot of people are like, well, it's not Andrew, so it doesn't fucking matter. And it's like, it is, it is actually the big,

Aysha: One of the things we decided to do is not to say who wrote which part or like who, because like, then I mean like, but people immediately tried to do with the epilogues were like, Oh, which part did X person write, the bad person? Like what part did they write? And it's like, you know, we all kind of contribute. We all signed off on all of it. Like, so you can't really, like, you have to blame, you have to blame us all.

Kate: Yeah.

Aysha: Yeah so we're all responsible for all of it.

Kate: Yeah. But like, we're not going to put anything out the door that Andrew isn't okay with in the same sense that we're not going to put out anything out the door that we all don't want to stand behind.

Aysha: Right

Kate: Right. And so yeah, he's been a really important part of the process and I've loved talking to him about it.

Cro: Yup.

Kate: All right, next question.

Cro: One more.

Kate: One more. Here you go.

Audience Member: Hello. So, in the original description for this live show, you said something about having a conversation at Five Guys and what it has to do with the future of Homestuck, I'm assuming has to do with Homestuck 2. Can you elaborate?

Kate: Yeah. So we were sitting at Five Guys. It was me, Aysha optimisticDuelist, Pip and James.

Aysha: It was in what, Pasadena?

Kate: It was in Pasadena, California. Yeah. It was in Burbank, actually. Not that that matters much, but it was right because before the first live show and we were talking and, you know, we were just having a wonderful time and then a child came up to us swaddled in robes and looked us directly in the eye and said if Homestuck is so good, why isn't there a Homestuck 2? And then this child dabbed

Aysha: Yeah!

Kate: And we were fucking ethered. I mean, we were absolutely inconsolable. And, and, and, you know, I mean, tears were streaming down our face. This child had owned us. So fucking thoroughly.

Cro: Is this a true story?

Kate: Maybe.

Aysha: It's based on a true story.

Kate: Um yeah, it's canon and not canon simultaneously.

Aysha: It's neither true nor relevant nor essential, but, you know, it's, it's one of those.

Kate: Yeah it's one—

Aysha: It's not true. It's not relevant, but it's essential.

Kate: So immediately, obviously, so when, anytime a child owns me, whether online or offline, I go running, crying to Andrew for consolation. And, and he, you know, I was like, he mean, he's, he really made me feel really bad about if Homestuck's so good why isn't there a Homestuck 2? And you know, he said, Oh my child, look at this thing. No, what we actually did was we actually sort of had the decision to like all, you know, the five of us all work together, to like, let's just keep making stuff.

Aysha: Yeah, let's, let's, let's do it. And then I was like, and then we'll bring in the other person. We'll bring in Lalo Hunt who is like one of the best people that I know and one of the most talented people I know. And the only person I trust to also make it with me. So,—

Kate: Yeah. And yeah, it was, it was a meeting where we all sort of decided like we were all together in this and like I love all of those people. Very much. And that includes you. I know I'm very gay. Oh yeah. I know it's gay.

Aysha: Feelings are gay.

Kate: Yeah, feelings are gay and also, yeah. And obviously adding Lalo to that group was a no-brainer. I mean, when I— like reading Tyzias's route was part of what made me think like, Oh, I'm home. This is, this is, this is a pro, like this is a university that gets me, and this is a team that gets me and it was before I'd met anybody.

Aysha: There's a really good picture out there somewhere of all of us. We took a picture and then somebody— did you crop it to just have James's face and then a sign that said restrooms over it?

Kate: Yeah. Yeah [laughs]

Aysha: There's a fucking picture floating around somewhere.

Kate: Yeah. I'll try to find that again. Yeah. All right, cool. You wanna you wanna fucking, you want to fucking ring us out?

Cro: Oh shit. Nice. I have one question. Why Five Guys?

Kate: Why Five Guys?

Cro: Their fries are so salty. 

Kate: I hate Five Guys. Oh, I hate the food, but everybody else wanted to go there, so.

Aysha: Did we? I don't, I feel like that it's because it was either that or Shake Shack, but Five Guys was like right there.

Kate: Yeah. We were like wandering around in a mall like lost teenagers.

Aysha: [Unintelligible]. Walk.

Kate: Oh yeah. You had your like broken foot.

Aysha: My foot was so fucked up in LA. It was just, I don't know what happened. I fell when I was running for a flight and then for like two weeks, I just spent like a week sitting on the bed—

Cro: Didn't you try to walk some blocks by yourself?

Aysha: I walked so much

Kate: Aysha walked so much. And I was like, why are you doing this? Do you want to like—

Aysha: Yeah and then Kate was like, I was just talking to your girlfriend and she says, I can't let you walk.

Kate: Yeah. And you know, I got that little bit of authority boost, but yeah. And then right after that I like dislocated my shoulder.

Aysha: Yeah.

Cro: Yeah. I'm glad I don't go outside.

Kate: Yeah. I know we're always saying go outside, but there's dangers. Actually I dislocated my shoulder indoors.

Aysha: You dislocated it in a heated gamer moment.

Kate: In a heated gamer moment. I dislocated my shoulder. It's true.

Cro: Yeah. Right.

Aysha: Don't game. It's bad for you.

Kate: Well, let's not go that far.

Aysha: Please game actually I make video games.

Kate: The only game that you should play is Pesterquest. Also snowbound blood. Also Hiveswap. Dab. Yeah, exactly.

Aysha: [Unintelligible] Gonna dab. All right guys. Well thank you so much for coming.

Cro: Yeah, I think that's our show actually. I think that's our show guys. [Audience Applause] [outro music plays]

Notes Edit Beckah Lorvua's Unravelled mentioned by Kate page the Dave quote comes from

Technically the first page of Jailbreak was in MS Paint the page of Homestuck^2 with the suggestion

At Five Guys you can ask for fries with no salt

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